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Equinox, Beltane & Dragon Skulls

A very satisfying dinner haha.

Beltane has come and gone, and the land is beginning to spring back to life. From the Equinox to Beltane it has been exciting seeing the various coloured flowers slowly revealing themselves throughout the days. The last couple of months has mainly been doing some inner work as well as having a lot of shifts at my day job and taking care of my physical body haha. But now things are beginning to settle, and the land is warming up to allow more time and space to spend time with the energies of nature and of course the energies of the dragons.

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I Ran My First Dragon Workshop!

Forest Dragon

I finally did it! I hosted my first ever dragon workshop on the 23rd March 2017 and what an experience it was.

In December 2016 me and the other members of a reiki share were asked if any of us wanted to run a session. As I sat there I felt a familiar nudge by the dragons, so I informed the person in charge that I would do a workshop for them. When I returned home from the share, I began wondering why the dragons had nudged me to speak up, it became clear that this was going to be the first step towards achieving one of my goals which was help pass on knowledge and help people connect to the dragons energy.

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Summer Solstice & Full Moon Meditation

Yesterday on the 20th June 2016, marked a rare event of the summer solstice and the full moon falling on the exact same day. Not only does this carry the change of season into summer but also beings the energy of the full moon during the same window.

Typically the sun is known to represent consciousness in our waking times as well as energy spent outwards as we go along our daily lives. Whilst the moon represents out subconscious and inner knowledge which is accessed through dream time and meditation.

During this time I did a meditation to welcome the summer and the full moon and what I saw was indeed interesting. Both sun and moon were both present at the same time much like the image below. As well as this of course the dragons were also there in the meditation, a lot of fire dragons since it was their time of the year now.

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What My Jade Coleus Plant Has Taught Me

I was given this plant a couple of years ago at a metaphysical store when purchasing crystals, me and the owner were talking and the conversation of nightmares came up. I told her that I had a lot of them and they were making it harder and harder to stay focused and awake during the day. She turned to the other shop owner and asked him “go get a coleus from upstairs”. At this point I had no idea what that even was, a couple of minutes later the person came back and put this small pot on the counter. The woman then told me to keep this plant in my room and the nightmares will begin to vanish. I asked her how much she wanted for the plant, but she just shook her head and said that I could have it (along with some basil tea), apparently she had loads of these plants upstairs. She also gave me a brief summary on how to look after it. I thanked her and took my tea, crystals and plant home with me. The interesting thing was when I got the plant home, I didn’t seem to have nightmares, and when they did come they were only brief and didn’t wake me at all 🙂

I brought a pot so the water could drain into it and began researching into the plant and how to look after it. Luckily it was a easy plant to take care of, since I had never looked after a indoor plant before. So after watering it I noticed that the little stem of a plant began to grow. Then I got attuned to reiki in which we had to use a plant case study for part of the course; this fitted in perfectly since I had a plant to use, and it was safe to say it began to grow fast with the extra help and needed a bigger plant pot XD.

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