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Amethyst Skull and Lamma Dragon Workshop Experiance


This dragon was another one which had made itself known within a dream so when I was looking for her, I already knew about what crystal she was and what shape skull she was, so it made it easier to find her. Lieshamara is a amethyst crystal skull who arrived 2nd June 2016. When she first arrived I placed her with the other skulls which had come from the same seller in order to introduce her to the group. After a couple of weeks of settling in I contacted her so we could meet each other.

She introduced herself as a record keeper dragon who would assist me with further developing the third eye as well as aid in looking at the akeshic records.

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Introducing Three New Dragons


This Grey Agate dragon arrived on 28th April 2016, funnily enough the day she arrived in the UK there was a large storm, which made me wonder if she was to do with storm energy. I decided to shake the feeling off until she arrived. When she did she was quite for a while so I left her to meet the others. After a while I meditated with this skull and found out she was to do with the storm element. It was interesting that a storm dragon had entered my life as storms tend to have a “purifying” energy to them as they release and clear the air.

The area which she is helping with is facing challenges and breaking negative patterns; this works well with what was happening at the time, as there was a lot of negative energy which needed to be brought up and cleared.

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Meet The Clan (So far)


The Crystal Dragon Clan is currently at 9 (eight of them are shown above). On the physical aspect I know that these are crystals that are carved as dragon skulls, but on a spiritual level I feel that there is a “consciousness” within the skull. No matter how you look at it, they are pretty cool 😀 All the dragons here have given permission to reveal their names and photos. All the photos were taken by me. 🙂 Captions are on the left images saying where the skulls came from 😀

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