Beltane Dragon Workshop & Downsizing

Image result for fire dragon

Flame Dragon

 For Beltane I did a Beltane dragon workshop. The workshop allowed me to set my intentions for the coming seasons and year as well as removing all that no longer serves me. When the dragons began their healing work they removed resistance that was stuck within my energy field by using a violet white light, about half way through the meditation the dragons made me drift off so they could bypass the my consciousness and provide a healing on a much deeper level. During which a symbol was given to help me during this time; it was a dragonfly symbol. This was interesting because recently I have been very drawn to dragonflies.

There was also a dragon skull healing during this workshop, this particular dragon had a volcanic energy since he was a black obsidian dragon. He helped remove doubts that I have in every day life and told me of some coming dragons who I will be working with in the future.

Another message that I heard during this workshop was the need to downsize in material possessions. This was interesting because last year I got the same feelings off the dragons, so I agreed and began to downsize, and to be honest it has really helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. I even tackled the “forgotten” spaces of my room such as the wardrobe. You know what I mean, the whole throwing stuff in and forgetting about it, the classic out of sight out of mind tactic haha. I manage to sell or donate my items by asking the following questions:

  1. Have I used this in 3 months?  (A bit different if it’s a seasonal item
  2.  Do I love this item and not just like it?
  3. Why am I holding onto this item?

I’m sure there are many more questions to as whilst de-cluttering and organizing but these are the three that are most effective for me.

The adventure with the dragons this month has certainly been interesting and busy haha. I am very much looking forward to more wisdom and journeys with these magnificent beings.  And if this has somehow inspired you to try organizing and de-cluttering, let me know how you got on :D. Until next time, have a lovely day.




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