I Ran My First Dragon Workshop!

Forest Dragon

I finally did it! I hosted my first ever dragon workshop on the 23rd March 2017 and what an experience it was.

In December 2016 me and the other members of a reiki share were asked if any of us wanted to run a session. As I sat there I felt a familiar nudge by the dragons, so I informed the person in charge that I would do a workshop for them. When I returned home from the share, I began wondering why the dragons had nudged me to speak up, it became clear that this was going to be the first step towards achieving one of my goals which was help pass on knowledge and help people connect to the dragons energy.

I decided that I was going to add a meditation to help people connect to the dragons, the thing was, I have never written a meditation nor have I ever been the one to guide others in it. So after a few weeks I managed to write up a draft of the workshop, it was called The Dragons Eye – An Introduction To Draconic Shamanism. I was very pleased with it’s name began writing the meditation for it. Finally after several weeks everything was ready for the workshop. All I had to do was print off the script and I was set. But it seemed the dragons had other ideas.

They told me that I didn’t need the script, I was confused at first because they were the ones who helped write the script, as well as I thought I needed the script because this would be my first time. But they told me that I didn’t require it for the night. So even though I was anxious about leaving the script I trusted them and didn’t take it.

When I got there, I went ahead and set up a small altar for the dragons (including two of my dragon skulls) to help set the mood for the workshop. In total there was around 10 -12 people in the room, which was a good size, even though I was still nervous. So we all did a grounding and heart link meditation at first to help center all of us. After I began the meditation to help the people taking part to connect to the dragons. Once around 30 minutes had passed I brought everyone back to the physical plane and exhaled deeply. Once everyone was “back” from the meditation I went around the room to see if anyone wanted to share their experience as well as ask questions.

I was very happy to hear that everyone had managed to successful contact their dragon companion during this time, and they were all different types of dragons! After the connection was made and the experiences and questions had been shared, we did a short session of sharing reiki with each other as well as drawing tickets out for a raffle. After I was asked if I could write some notes to send out to everyone who participated which I agreed to.

Overall it was an amazing experience, and the dragons energy was strong in the room when the connection was made. It was a really good night, and everyone enjoyed taking part, some of them even reconnected with dragons from their childhood which they had forgotten about as they got older. 😀 Definitely an amazing opportunity and I am so glad that everyone got to meet their dragon guardian.


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