Spring Equinox & Spring Dragons

Forest Dragon

Wow, Spring has arrived already!

I love when the seasons change, it brings a new breath of fresh air (especially when it’s Spring!) Today started of cloudy with a bit of rain, but it brightened up pretty quickly within a couple of hours. I took everything off my altar, cleansed and redecorated it for the new season. When it was done I sat back and looked at the altar I will be working with until the season of Summer, and I have to say it’s energy is very interesting.

The first thing that I noticed was it didn’t have any candles on it (aside from two small battery tealights), I did find this interesting since all the altars before did have one or two candles. So it’s safe to say this layout certainly got my attention. As well that that the dragon skulls decided that wanted to sit on the altar diagonally, maybe they just fancied a change for the new season.

After the altar was set up and “running” smoothly, I did a meditation for the Spring Equinox. Within this meditation I met up with the Spring Dragon I work with, and welcomed him back for another season. I am looking forward to working with him and the other dragons in this new year and season, and of course the new and fully charged altar too.

In this coming week I am running my first ever Dragon workshop for the local Reiki share, which I am both excited and nervous about. Looks like this new seasons opportunities, experiences and challenges are going to get going right off the bat haha!






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