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I Ran My First Dragon Workshop!

Forest Dragon

I finally did it! I hosted my first ever dragon workshop on the 23rd March 2017 and what an experience it was.

In December 2016 me and the other members of a reiki share were asked if any of us wanted to run a session. As I sat there I felt a familiar nudge by the dragons, so I informed the person in charge that I would do a workshop for them. When I returned home from the share, I began wondering why the dragons had nudged me to speak up, it became clear that this was going to be the first step towards achieving one of my goals which was help pass on knowledge and help people connect to the dragons energy.

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Spring Equinox & Spring Dragons

Forest Dragon

Wow, Spring has arrived already!

I love when the seasons change, it brings a new breath of fresh air (especially when it’s Spring!) Today started of cloudy with a bit of rain, but it brightened up pretty quickly within a couple of hours. I took everything off my altar, cleansed and redecorated it for the new season. When it was done I sat back and looked at the altar I will be working with until the season of Summer, and I have to say it’s energy is very interesting.

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