Atlantean Dragon Workshop Experience

Sea Dragon

In all my work of spiritual work, I could never of imagined that I was to find out that I had had not one, but two lives in a city called Atlantis.

This amazing workshop was run my Alphedia Arara and immediately caught my eye when I saw it. There was a strong pull towards this workshop, so I instantly booked a place distantly. This was the first large workshop I have participated in, in which it lasted up to 5-6 hours in length. So as you can imagine there were a lot of parts and information within this workshop.

There were many meditations covering chakra balancing, soul realignment, meeting an Atlantean dragon guide and clearing alien implants. As well as this there were several attunements as well including various codes and blueprints being put into not only us as individuals but the human species as a whole.

Throughout the meditations and attunements, one particular dragon appeared in everyone, this dragon, as I found out later on in the workshop was my Atlantean dragon guide, but not only that, she was also going to be joining me and the rest of the crystal dragon clan. Very exciting news indeed πŸ™‚ I’m not too sure when she will be showing herself in her crystallized dragon form, but I know that it will be soon in the future.

During one of the meditations, I felt drawn to hold my Green Moss Agate Dragon Skull, who was my first skull. Throughout the meditation I “re-connected” him properly which was nice since it was like catching up with an old friend. Even though his presence is always in the room,and I have taken him to healing workshops, which he enjoys, Β it is nice to sit down again with him for twenty minutes and have a good chat to him alone and in peace.

It was revealed in the workshop that I had had some past lives on Atlantis, which was interesting indeed, I never thought I would have had a life there, but turns out I was wrong haha :D. I saw two lives that were located there, but I know that in each one I was there a long time. One of them I acted as a spiritual messenger and the other I was one of the high priestess’ of one of the temples. As well as this I also met with star-beings during this workshop who also helped reveal parts of my past lives on Atlantis as well.

A very powerful and eye opening workshop indeed πŸ˜€


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