Donating 11 Inches of My Hair

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while I recently got a new job and have been training and getting back into the work environment. Anyway, today I got my hair cut so that I could donate it to The Little Princess Trust. This has been approximately a month of planning making sure research was done into the charity, including what length and type of hair they accept, as well as what hair style I was to have.

After it was done, there were four braids measuring up to 11 inches in length. I like my hairstyle at the moment, even though it may take some getting use to, I’m glad that I have done it; because I know it is going to make a big difference to the child who gets a new wig thanks to my contribution. Funny thing was my hair was that thick it was hard to cut through in one go haha :).

Not only this but since we are at the beginning of a new nine year cycle I felt like this was a new chapter beginning in my life; to allow me (and my hair haha :D) to grow. If you want to find out more about The Little Princess Trust, visit their website –

Also a new workshop experience will be coming between tomorrow and Friday 🙂 and it’s a big one 😀 I also have plans for a post about why and how I de-cluttered and sold 9 boxes of belongings last year.


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