My First Session In Body Combat

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Funnily enough I stumbled across this class whilst looking for yoga 😀

How Did I Come Across Body Combat?

Since Winter is on the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere I was contemplating about how I could improve my lifestyle and well being. In terms of physical health I was fine, along side a balanced diet but something felt like it was missing. I wanted to try and take steps towards my social anxiety and depression by adjusting things in my life. When I looked at what could help improve not only my physical health but my mental health, I figured exercise would be a good start. So I looked at my local gym to see what they offered. I had done badminton there a few times with a family member but it was the matter of both them and me finding time to fit it in. I wanted something that I could go when others couldn’t fit a gym visit in there schedule for the week. I scrolled through the classes that were available, originally looking for yoga when I found this thing called Body Combat. Intrigued I did some research on it, and it certainly looked interesting. I had always been interested in martial arts but never got the right feel for it, but this was not only a non contact workout based off of martial arts but it was also done to upbeat music. It took a while to gather up the courage to click to book button. I told myself that if I clicked that button I was not going to back out of it. Of course you can cancel your place if you can’t come for any reason, but I didn’t want mine to be because I got scared. Each day that passed leading up to the session I did feel more and more scarred, I was asking myself questions like, What is it is a huge group? What if I can’t keep up? What if I tire out after the first 15 minutes? This continued until that morning finally came where I entered my first session.

Let The Session Begin

I parked up in the car park and walked to the gym, this was the first time I had ever gone on my own. I went to the reception and confirmed my attendance before I headed down to the room. There was one person there so far so I walked in and was greeted warmly, she had been apart of this class and others for a while and we started a conversation, so I asked about how big the group was and about the instructor. I was told there was about 15-20 in the group and the instructor. As more people filtered in I felt a mix of nervousness and excitement, a reporter and a cameraman also came in, when we were ready we began. The instructor was really nice, she was not only supportive but funny at the same time, she gave options on what we could do so people of different levels could get through the whole session. There were warm ups for the top of the body and lower body alongside some power workouts for each to many different songs and a cool down at the end. There were around 8-10 tracks played one after the other, but you could stop half way through a track for a break and grab some water, then joined in again when you were ready.

What Did I Think Of It Overall?

I really enjoyed it, the people were encouraging and friendly, as well as all different ages. The session was hard work but fun, and I am attending again next week before this year ends. I will still probably look for yoga classes as well, but this is a keeper amd a good relief for stress. Just be prepared to work hard and have a couple of sore muscles in the morning from this new activity. 😀


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