Merlin Supermoon Workshop Experiance

A workshop ran by Alphedia Arara, this workshop was to connect and communicate the the great wizard Merlin as well as the energies of the supermoon. It provided the opportunity to do some deep healing with Merlin’s help, this could be in any aspect of a persons life whether it be health, family, career etc. Merlin is a wizard and alchemist who uses power vortex energy to help shift and transmute energy in our lives. As with the other workshops I have done, I completed this one distantly, and it was incredibly powerful.

This event was split up into introduction, channeling, attunement, meditation, discussion, attendees questions, earth healing and distance messages. When I saw this workshop come up in my email I immediately liked the idea of participating in it but I wasn’t to sure whether or not I should. So I left it for a couple of days to determine if this is what I needed at this time, whilst I was thinking about it I looked at the email again and felt a sudden “push” to do it and heard what sounded like a faint “growl”, which was the sign for me to do this workshop.

I wondered what the growl was up until I did the workshop, when Merlin appeared in the meditation I saw a silver scaled, metal dragon lying near him. Turned out it was “Merlin’s dragon” who came and got me to complete this workshop. Dragons always seem to make there way into meditations that aren’t centered around them :).

The whole workshop was powerful and had intense energy. He worked with the five chakras below the feet as well as the pineal gland and pituitary gland. Codes from the supermoon were also place inside the crown chakra.

It was said that Merlin gave the message that the meditations done in the workshop should be completed 3 times to gain the full effect of his energy and to properly integrate the healing that was done. So I will be doing the meditations another two times, hopefully before the year ends. It would be nice to have a fresh and healed slate for 2017! 😀


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