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Merlin Supermoon Workshop Experiance

A workshop ran by Alphedia Arara, this workshop was to connect and communicate the the great wizard Merlin as well as the energies of the supermoon. It provided the opportunity to do some deep healing with Merlin’s help, this could be in any aspect of a persons life whether it be health, family, career etc. Merlin is a wizard and alchemist who uses power vortex energy to help shift and transmute energy in our lives. As with the other workshops I have done, I completed this one distantly, and it was incredibly powerful.

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Allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite and most bizarre looking fruits. This is known as Dragon fruit or Pitaya. By looking at the fruit it does seem clear why it got the name dragon fruit, especially with those scale like flaps on it. These originated in Central America but are now available in many more countries including those in Asia. The skin of this particular fruit is very thick, tough and in some ways elastic.

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