World Dragon Day 2016


Today is World Dragon Day and as a result I placed all of my crystal skulls on the altar (I’m surprised they all fitted on 😀 ) to celebrate this special day. It is a time where people all over the world come together to celebrate and honour the magnificent beings which are the dragons.

The card in the middle of the altar flew out of the deck as I opened the box, quite literally. It landed face down so I had no idea what the card was, and when I turned it around sure enough there was a dragon on it. The card itself says “Stay Strong”. This was a very powerful message from the dragon realm as I have been going through quite a difficult time. After the altar was set up I decided to do a meditation a little later in the day.

The meditation started off with connecting to the Earth the ground myself while I golden light began cleansing my aura. After many images began to appear of various natural landscapes, as this happened I saw all of the dragons who reside in the skulls on the altar. They said that they were calling a dragon that I needed to work with at the time. Once this was said I ended up in a cave high up in the mountains, I didn’t have to wait long before I saw the dragon I was to work with on this day, he was a very large ancient sky dragon.

Throughout the journey with him he helped me to clear my head of the clutter it was struggling with before taking me back to his cave. I sat down nearby as he went to a pile of various crystals and pulled out a pouch and gave it to me. Inside it contained small marble like crystals, he didn’t say what they were for, but only that they would help me in this hard time. Before he left he told me his name and said a single sentence. “Stay Strong”


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