Mother Gaia Workshop Experience

This workshop was run by Alphedia Arara, this workshop was to connect with Mother Gaia/Mother Earths energy as well as the Autumn equinox energy. The workshop helps to give thanks for the blessings that you have daily. This was a very powerful workshop as it allows you to connects to Gaia’s vast and powerful energy. I did this workshop distantly and it was very relaxing and eye opening.

The event was split up into introduction, channeling, attunement, meditation and oracle messages with two discussions. When this workshop came up it was at the perfect time, as I was in a place where I didn’t feel supported. So I knew that this workshop was one I had to go to (or at least distantly).

Throughout the workshop I could feel the presence of Mother Gaia all around me; it was a very nurturing, supporting and strong energy. There was a moment where we exchanged words and she gave me a lot of advice and support. During the meditation part of the workshop, it allowed me to connect to my elemental guardians as well as determine which element I should be working with during this time. After meeting the elemental guardians I am working with Gaia released a pink light which surrounded me and the place where I was in the meditation. During the whole workshop it felt like I was being supported and held by Gaia which was an incredible experience.

This was the first workshop that I have done which wasn’t centered around the dragon realm, though that didn’t stop the dragons from coming into the meditation experience haha.



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