Amethyst Skull and Lamma Dragon Workshop Experiance


This dragon was another one which had made itself known within a dream so when I was looking for her, I already knew about what crystal she was and what shape skull she was, so it made it easier to find her. Lieshamara is a amethyst crystal skull who arrived 2nd June 2016. When she first arrived I placed her with the other skulls which had come from the same seller in order to introduce her to the group. After a couple of weeks of settling in I contacted her so we could meet each other.

She introduced herself as a record keeper dragon who would assist me with further developing the third eye as well as aid in looking at the akeshic records.

August Lamma Dragon Workshop

This workshop was run by Alphedia Arara at the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School, like the previous workshop I took part in, I did it distantly. It was also the wisdom school’s birthday! This workshop was to work with the dragon realm to get rid of blockages in ones life, deep healing , re-sparking creativity and to see what the next step is on one’s spiritual journey.

Once again this workshop appeared at the right time as I was struggling with what I was to do next as well as being anxious about projects I was doing at the time, and whether or not I should go through with them or not.

This workshop was incredibly powerful, so much so that afterwards I had to just sit there is shock haha. As before the workshop was split up into introduction, channeling, crystal skull healing, meditation and discussion.

Many dragons came in during this workshop including earth, fire, water and a dragon of the night/void. All of these dragons had their own unique energy and healing specialty. They helped unlock the blockages within my own personal life so I could move on. They also help advice me on current projects I was working on, and when they told me what they thought it gave me more confidence in what I was doing and where I was going.

Amazing advice and wisdom from the dragon realm, I will defiantly be doing another one of these. 🙂



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