Introducing Three New Dragons


This Grey Agate dragon arrived on 28th April 2016, funnily enough the day she arrived in the UK there was a large storm, which made me wonder if she was to do with storm energy. I decided to shake the feeling off until she arrived. When she did she was quite for a while so I left her to meet the others. After a while I meditated with this skull and found out she was to do with the storm element. It was interesting that a storm dragon had entered my life as storms tend to have a “purifying” energy to them as they release and clear the air.

The area which she is helping with is facing challenges and breaking negative patterns; this works well with what was happening at the time, as there was a lot of negative energy which needed to be brought up and cleared.


When I was first introduced to Timaiain it was actually through the dragon full moon meditation by Alphedia. When I spoke to him, he told me that he was a skull which was coming to me. This got my interest and I began searching for dragon skulls, but none felt right. After a while I thought that maybe it would be a couple of years in the future before he came, then when looking on the internet I saw this Natural Agate dragon advertised and had a look at him. I felt very drawn to this dragon and purchased him. The name Timainain, immediately came into my head, I even checked with the other dragons to see if that was true, they all agreed that it was.  He arrived on 3rd May 2016.

I wasn’t to sure if it was him or not because even though it had the sandy colour, the dragon I saw in the meditation was deep turquoise, but when you look at the dragon at different angles and light, it changes colour from white to a grey tinted blue. When meditating with this skull Timaiain came forward and I saw that he could change colour much like water (like how the ocean looks blue but it is actually clear). As a water dragon he helps with emotional clearances which is what he helped me with during the full moon meditation, he has a very calming and comforting energy.


This African Turquoise dragon (a very unusual colour) arrived on 9th May 2016. This dragon was very quite when he arrived so as I did with the others, I left him for a while before connecting to him. While I was waiting he was sitting with the other dragons on the altar. The first thing I did notice was there was a heavy energy to the dragon, nothing threatening but very pressurized.

When meditating with the dragon I discovered it was a dragon of the void within the element of chaos. The area of life where this dragon aids with is to do with shadow work. This is about rediscovering yourself and face the things that you do not like about yourself and learn how to accept them as well as accept things that have happened in the past. This type of work is very transformation and powerful.



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