The Waking Meditation, A Trip Into Nature

So after having a rough morning yesterday I felt the need to go out somewhere in nature to distress. This was interesting because the cards that I drew for this week were both to do with mother nature. the cards were as such

Insight – Take the lead from nature for it’s naturally spiritual

Gaia – Harmony, Abundance, Wholeness and Forgiveness

Once I got to my destination I didn’t really have a place in mind to go, so I just started walking and just see where the paths would take me. I had been to this place many times but something felt different today; not only was it quiet but it just “felt” different. While my mind was still clouded from stress I kept walking and after about 5 minutes I felt a pull towards a certain path, and no matter how much I wanted to ignore it I simply couldn’t this is where the real story begins.

I was lead down a path near an old tree where there was a small stream flowing down the bank, and even though there was mud and branches within it; it still continued to flow. A bit like how life throws things at you which can block the “stream” inside us yet no matter what it still flows. Not far from this small stream, blue bells began to appear. Bluebells are often associated with with gratitude and everlasting love. At first there was only a couple on the side of the path, but they were extremely eye catching and stood out among the fallen branches and leafless trees. A sign that there was hope beginning to grow.

Not far up ahead there were hundreds of bluebells all together within the forest; their colours and beauty certainly made a statement for anyone who saw them. After looking at them for a while I carried on walking where I found another old tree. It’s thick roots dug deep into the soil securing it in place while it’s branches stretched up high towards to sky. Next to this tree there were two paths to go, one straight ahead and the other to a visitor center which was located up steps. The path to the steps seemed to pull me to it, so I chose that path, I went up the steps and looked down at the forest seeing all of the birds and other animals flying from branch to branch, collecting food and nesting material. I stood there watching nature play out in front of me. That’s when I got two visitors.

A great tit and a robin both flew down from the branches and landed on the fence near me. At first I was confused as there was no food where I was the small birds tend to stay away from people. These two birds sat on the fence and look straight at me, chirping as they did so. The pair hung around for a while before flying further away only to come close again. From what I knew from animal guides I decided to see if these animals were trying to show or tell me something; so since I had nothing really in mind when I first got here I decided to see where these birds would take me. The great tit flew on a nearby branches and chirped whilst the robin hopped along the fence; occasionally looking back at me and chirping. It was same to admit part of me was wondering what in the world I was doing haha XD.

After following the robin for  a couple of minutes I noticed I was on a path I didn’t even know existed, so after a few more minutes of walking I saw two old trees which acted like a gateway into a small section of the forest. On the far corner was a tree with a fallen log next to it; I sat down on it and looked around the area. I decided it would be a good time to try a short meditation there since it was secluded and away from the main path. I felt myself being rooted to the Earth and my stress began to decrease. It was then I heard a female voice giving me a message.

You, like those around you, are children of the Earth, and as a caring mother I will always be here when you need me.

After this I sat there for a while until I saw a  blue tit land on a branch near me and fly down the bank. I got up and followed it , I wasn’t too sure which way to go, that was until a squirrel darted out of the bushes and went down a path; not having anywhere else to go I followed it and found myself back onto the main path, and so I continued my journey.

I followed the main path for a while, looking at how the bodies of water began to get bigger as I walked, there was a small pond, then a larger stream which turned into a river and finally the lake. As I walked on the main path for a while a squirrel jumped out in front of me, making me stop walking. It watched me for  a while and began to approach rather quickly.

We both watched each other for a while, by this point I was wondering if we were waiting for another animal to take over as guide for the journey and sure enough a blackbird flew rather close and landed not far and began to tweet. So the journey with the black bird began it lead me to a forked path and went up the one which was uphill, not knowing where this lead I followed, eager to see where it would lead.

The path lead to some large stones with a old tree next to it, almost like it was standing guard. One of the roots stretched across from the tree to the rocks and, as before with the last tree I sat down and meditated again. Though I was nervous about sitting on the stretched out root, thinking that I would fall off it. But as before, the female voice in the meditation spoke again.

I will never let my child fall, for they are apart of me as I am of them. Though they get hurt, scarred and make mistakes, they will heal with time just like the trees of the forest, as I am always there.

The message was clear that no matter what happened the Earth would always be there to support me and the others who inhabit the planet. It is something that constantly gives and yet seems to receive hardly anything back in return. After this I saw a blue tit again which sat on the branch nearby and tweeted before flying back down the path, so like before I followed and eventually it lead to a larger stream which was flowing strongly into the nearby lake. This is also where I sat down and watched the river, and got visited by a very playful boarder collie 🙂

After playing with the collie and talking to the owner I set off again down a path were another squirrel appeared and began going down another path which didn’t seem to be used as often as the others. It lead to a stream with a mini waterfall as well as what looked to me a bath or swimming pool haha XD. It was obvious that this was a very old part of the forest as none of the trees looked young, they all had thick and tall trunks with equally as thick roots. This path was above the main one which could explain why it didn’t seemed used.

The path eventually lead to a fort of some sort with a bridge which stretched across what I think use to be a brook or river at some point. After spending some time looking at the structure I headed down some stone steps which lead to a  muddy path through the forest, which like the one before was above the main path.

Walking across a small bridge and through the trees I entered a stone circle which had a well and stream heading through the rocks and trees. This place had many offerings and memorials on the trees to those in the next life. The feeling of the whole place was a lot different from outside the stone circle. There was a sort of peace there but also a blanket of mystery which surrounds it. Almost as if the magic of the ancient times still dwelled within the trees, maybe it was the stone circle which kept this feeling within it’s walls.

The journey contined which lead to a large stone “structure which had a cave in the middle of it which could be climbed. I walked up to it and saw the moss on the rocks and began to doubt I could get up there since it would be slippy. However when I went to go back the message from before came into my head.

I will never let my child fall

So I began climbing up the rocks and miraculously didn’t slip or fall. After getting up I looked at  where I had come through. I began to continue climbing up the grassy slope into I reached the top and looked at the view I had; and quite the view it was. It was amazing how different things looked from a different perspective. I sat down and took a rest for a while, admiring the nests of birds which were dotted around the trees. After some time I stood up and followed a thin path down the bank, as I walked I could hear water and began to follow the sound, down the bank and down some stone steps where the sound was much louder.

Once I reached the bottom of the steps I saw a waterfall flowing freely into the river below. Unlike the other streams and rivers I had seen this one was free of fallen logs and clumps of mud. There were even some birds making a nest nearby. It is amazing how a little gem could be hiding within the forest :). I spent some time watching the water and the birds before moving on. I followed the path around to where I was before. There was a feeling that wanted me to go back to where the rocks were so I did what I felt. I walked past the place where I climbed up the rocks and saw some more stones which acted like a cave. It would be easy for a animal of even a human to find shelter here. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did at times.  Afterwards I felt like it was time to head back to the car, so I began to walk up the main path which lead me out of the forest and back to the car.

this was an amazing experience and whether the animals appearing as they did were coincidence or not, it did make an amazing journey. It reminded me of a journey one would go on during a meditation XD.


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