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Introducing Three New Dragons


This Grey Agate dragon arrived on 28th April 2016, funnily enough the day she arrived in the UK there was a large storm, which made me wonder if she was to do with storm energy. I decided to shake the feeling off until she arrived. When she did she was quite for a while so I left her to meet the others. After a while I meditated with this skull and found out she was to do with the storm element. It was interesting that a storm dragon had entered my life as storms tend to have a “purifying” energy to them as they release and clear the air.

The area which she is helping with is facing challenges and breaking negative patterns; this works well with what was happening at the time, as there was a lot of negative energy which needed to be brought up and cleared.

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The Waking Meditation, A Trip Into Nature

So after having a rough morning yesterday I felt the need to go out somewhere in nature to distress. This was interesting because the cards that I drew for this week were both to do with mother nature. the cards were as such

Insight – Take the lead from nature for it’s naturally spiritual

Gaia – Harmony, Abundance, Wholeness and Forgiveness

Once I got to my destination I didn’t really have a place in mind to go, so I just started walking and just see where the paths would take me. I had been to this place many times but something felt different today; not only was it quiet but it just “felt” different. While my mind was still clouded from stress I kept walking and after about 5 minutes I felt a pull towards a certain path, and no matter how much I wanted to ignore it I simply couldn’t this is where the real story begins.

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