Dragons Full Moon Workshop Experiance

This workshop was conducted by Alphedia Arara at the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School, it was to focus on the dragon kingdom which came forward to help assist in healing the emotional body and release negative thought patterns. The water dragons in particular were present during this workshop. I did this workshop distantly so I was sent the files after it was done; I went though all the files the night after.

The event was split up into different sections, introductions, channeling, self realization, crystal dragon skull healing, meditation and messages from the dragons. This workshop was incredibly powerful and very beautiful. It gave a chance to analyse ones emotional state in order to work through and understand it better, rather than being overwhelmed with emotions. As well as this it brought up past issues which were ready to be released from the emotional body and therefore allows one to move on with their life.

When I did this workshop I was at a point where I was incredibly anxious and stressed, and therefore it came at the right time. Funny how things have a habit of doing that haha XD. During the meditation with the emotional body (self realization) it was shocking to see what that much stress and anxiety can do to the emotional side of us, as well as how it can effect us in not just emotionally, but also mentally and physically.

As beings of water, water dragons are excellent to work with as the realm of water correlates to the emotional realm. Throughout the whole experience it was evident that the dragons were doing the work that I needed, because at the end of the workshop I felt completely different, almost like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The dragon helpers and healers which were met were incredibly powerful and uplifting, I feel like for someone to better understand what the workshop was like, they have to experience it themselves to see how powerful it can be.

So will I be doing another workshop like this again? Defiantly, I hope to one day be able to go up and be at the workshop in person, but in the mean time when a workshop comes up like this one, I will be sure to participate in it distantly 🙂



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