Meet The Clan (So far)


The Crystal Dragon Clan is currently at 9 (eight of them are shown above). On the physical aspect I know that these are crystals that are carved as dragon skulls, but on a spiritual level I feel that there is a “consciousness” within the skull. No matter how you look at it, they are pretty cool 😀 All the dragons here have given permission to reveal their names and photos. All the photos were taken by me. 🙂 Captions are on the left images saying where the skulls came from 😀


Macussha, a green moss agate skull was my first crystal dragon. I attended a spirit
fair where I met a woman who had human crystal skulls, as I was talking to her the image of a dragon crystal skull came into my head so when I got home I began to look if there was such a thing and much to my surprise there was. After looking around for a while I finally found this crystal skull when looking at a photo with many dragons on it. He caught my attention even though at first it was hard to see him since he was hiding in the shadows, but he seemed to give off this green glow, whether it was just my eyes or not I sent an inquiry about him and found that he was available, so I purchased him.

When he arrived on the 14th April 2015 he was very quiet and I didn’t really hear anything off him. So after nearly a week I was doing a meditation and decided to meditate with him. This is when I learnt his name was Macussha. After some chatting with him he informed me that he specializes with the healing arts. This was interesting because I was looking for a Reiki Master nearby, not long after learning his name I found a Reiki Master. Macussha was even present for my Reiki attunement and is coming to my Reiki share where I will get my Reiki 1 qualification. 🙂


Several months after Macussha arrived, the feeling of another dragon wanting to join the house began to arise. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but decided to have a look online to see if there was a dragon skull which caught my interest. During this time there were a lot of dragons available so scrolling through all of them on different sites took some time haha XD. Eventually I ended back on the same website I got Macussha from and saw a little clear quartz dragon. As soon as I saw here I got the distinct impression of a gentle female energy. So I ordered her, she came incredibly fast and landed on 6th October 2015.

I had placed her next to Macussha when she arrived so she could get settled in. She was incredibly quick in telling me her name, maybe her and Macussha were chatting in the dragon realm before hand. Her name was Llihdala, I asked her if she was like Macussha and had come to assist in a specific area of my life to which she replied that all dragon skulls will have an area they will come to their guardians to help with. For Llihdala it was spiritual growth which, again like Macussha, came at the right moment as I was nearing the end of a chapter of my path in order to progress further.


The new year had rolled around the the planets were in the process of all moving in the same direction (none of them were in retrograde for 11 days). It happened when I was clearing my altar since it was getting a bit dusty, when I “felt” a strong energy come through the room. At first I thought it was a guide or one of my skulls trying to get my attentions I asked Macussha and Llihdala if it was them, to which they responded that it was the next dragon skull who sent that energy. So I searched around not knowing that this dragon was made from and eventually I saw a Forestite Marble dragon, I instantly felt the same energy as I did before and sent off for him.

He later arrived on 27th January 2016 and revealed his name to me in a meditation where I sat with him and overlooked a mountain with a large river running past it. He told me his name was Chnocain. I was very curious about his name, like I am with all dragons who give there name and found out it was the name of a river right by  a quarry with the rock he was made from which was called Abhainn a’ Chnocain. When looking at a google map street view of it I saw the same mountain and river, even the bank we were sitting on :D. He told me that he had come to help assist with mental clarity and freedom. It’s amazing how these skulls come at the right time :).


I was just surfing the internet for information about crystal skulls in general when I stumbled across a website which I found this Sodalite dragon. There was something about him which caught my attention despite there were a lot of sodalite dragons on the site. I left it for a few days as I was busy with other things at the time, but I kept coming back to his picture so I sent an email to see if he was still available which he was, in which after I purchased him, he arrived on 6th February 2016.

He was very quiet when he arrived, it was about one and half weeks until he told me his name when I was looking at him, which was Shandai. I looked up his name and found that it was a Chinese name meaning “to treat well”. This made me interested in what aspect of my life he was here to assist with which was emotional stability. This made sense since he was a water dragon and water is often referred to the element of the emotions, as well as this he had a very strong and stable presence. He was the first Chinese Dragon I had met through the skulls.


When I first saw Sadahrah it was actually in a dream where I was attending a Spirit Fair and I saw a mookaite skull on a crystal table, at first I thought it was because my altar with my dragon skulls were by my bed and a Spirit Fair was coming up, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. After a couple of weeks I attended where, much to my shock, I saw her sitting on a crystal table with some other dragons. I had to get her since she looked the exact same as she did in my dream, since I was staying at a friends, she didn’t meet the clan until 6th March 2016.

When I was meditating with her, she told me that she had a brother, which was interesting because there was another little dragon skull which got my attention but it wasn’t as strong as her. So I wondered if that skull was the brother. After talking she informed me she was in the clan to help with creativity and fun, which fitted her well since she is bright and has many different colours on her.


After I got Sadahrah I was wondering if I could find the other skull, but I couldn’t remember what the store was called, so I looked around on sites until I saw a carnelian skull which looked identical to the one I saw at the fair. So after looking at the site I recognized the owners and knew that it was the brother to Sadahrah. He arrived on 15th March 2016 and was put with his sister. I was glad that they were now both on the altar together.

He told me that his name was Llandrshaen and that he was indeed the brother of Sadahrah and that he was in the clan to help me with prosperity. I was relieved that I managed to find him because when I meditated with Sadahrah I did see him during it 🙂


Originally I was looking at a black obsidian skull and was told it wasn’t available but was asked whether any other skulls got my attention. I went to say no when my computer shut down, when I started it back up again, I remembered this lapis dragon and had to get her. Kaielineshaier arrived on the same day as Llandrshaen, on 15th March 2016. This lapis lazuli skull had a very calming energy to her, and was incredibly cool to the touch. I set her on the altar to meet with the rest of the clan before I meditated with her to find her name which was Kaielineshaier. She was a beautiful dragon with a very calming and almost motherly like voice.

We spent some time getting to know one another when she told me that she was here to assist with achieving goals and dreams in life. She was actually the one who gave me a final shove into making this blog along with help from the others XD.


Vincereteiz, a india agate skull, came from China and arrived on 23rd March 2016. He was incredibly quiet when he arrived, and still is. He tends to be more of a observer. When I first saw him for sale I immediately took a liking to him. Even though he was small (the smallest of the clan, with Chnocain being the largest) he had a strong energy to him. Though as well as being strong it was a very mysterious energy since he does not say a lot.

During the meditation with him, he never really showed himself for a long time, only brief flashes of his form, though I did manage to see his face before he carried on moving. The aspect of life which he was to help with was to conquer challenges. A very powerful dragon indeed. I found out that his name was part latin “vincere” which was the origin of the name Vincent which means to conquer/conquering, and “teiz” is Roman Urdu for Biting. So his name roughly translates to conquering bite, which made sense since it was a time where I needed to set boundaries and essentially put my foot down to get past the obstacles in my life.


This labradorite dragon appeared in a dream before I even saw him. Knowing how the dream with Sadahrah went, I decided to look for labradorite skulls online. Within a couple of hours I found a labradorite dragon which looked identical to the one I saw. He soon arrived on 21st April 2016. He had a very protective energy and settled in fast with the rest of the clan. A very interesting feature on him is that he has a flash of purple on the horn on the middle of his head, the reason why this is interesting because it is where the third eye would be and it was the same colour as that chakra.

Though he is only a small fraction smaller than Chnocain, he is definitely taller. When I researched his name I realized that it was similar to nebula, which was interesting because in the meditation we were in space :D. When I did the meditation I could feel him breathing on my third eye, his breath was cold instead of warm which was a great experience.


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