Massage, Dry Cupping and Acupuncture…oh my!

So I had an experience with three different therapies in one session! These were:

  1. Massage
  2. Dry Cupping
  3. Acupuncture

A brief description of each one is as follows:


Massage –Use of hands to relieve
tension within the
body’s muscles.



Dry Cupping (Air based) – Use of a plastic cup which is
placed over the muscles before the air is suctioned out of the cup which causes the muscles to rise.




Acupuncture – Using fine needles in various points on the body depending on symptoms a person is experiencing.



Being a person who is terrified on needles I wasn’t too sure on acupuncture, but as my interest in holistic therapies grew, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. On top of the fear of needles I’m not very comfortable with people touching me; however not only did I want to know what these treatments were like, but also I hoped that it would calm my fear down of these things. It was safe to say that I was nervous about the whole thing, but part of me was incredibly excited at the same time.

The woman I went to was lovely, she sat me down and asked various questions about my health and what I was there for. She went over the three treatments she would be doing and showed me what equipment was used and how it worked. I informed her about my nervousness about the needles and the whole touching thing, which she said I could tell her if I felt too uncomfortable, which was a great reassurance. After, the first treatment she did was a massage followed by the dry cupping, which was incredibly relaxing. The cups can be moved around the body (called gliding cupping) which acts like a massage. With  cupping it does leave makes were the cups have been, but even though they look like bruises they are painless. It looks like you have been attacked by an octopus XD. The dry cupping helps bring any toxins to the surface of the skin so the concentrated blood flow can get rid of it.

Next was the bit I was the most scared of….the acupuncture. In total I had 10-12 needles put into me; the fine needles themselves only made a short sharp pain when they were put in but it went after literally a couple of seconds, some of them I didn’t feel at all. The points which I had them were along my shoulders, bottom of my back (in the center), legs, side of feet, hands and one at the crown of my head. Once they were all in, they were left there for about 30 minutes, which I decided to close my eyes and meditate for a while, yeah I was that relaxed despite the needles.

Would I do this again?

The answer yes I would. It was very relaxing and the after effect I got off this was amazing, I felt completely relaxed when I got back home and I feel like everything seems to be running smoothly in the body, a lot of my energy has come back which I did feel like it was getting stuck before I had this session. There is a dull ache were some of the needles were but that is to be expected. I’m sitting happily drinking my water and completely refreshed :D.

Thank you for reading 😀 Have a great day.

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2 thoughts on “Massage, Dry Cupping and Acupuncture…oh my!

    1. Yeah, though I’m still a little nervous with needles, I’m surprised that I didn’t faint haha XD
      And yeah massage is amazing 😀


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